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Welcome to Wilson Class Webpage!

A class striving to be purple learners!

Teacher: Miss Webb
Teaching Assistants: 
Mrs McGregor
Miss Riach 


This term our topic will be ‘Safari’. We will be studying the continent Africa, researching the different animals that live there, daily life, music, dance and food.

Can you list 5 animals that are native to Africa?

We are leaning how to subtract using resources and written methods.

Can you complete these sums?
45-38 =
= 67-49
Weekly spellings
Miss Webb's group


1.   Safari

2.   Africa

3.   lion

4.   runner

5.   animal

6.   giraffe

7.   grass

8.   wild

9.   our

10.  are

Miss Riach's group


      1,   help

      2.   they

      3.   just

      4.   out

      5.   trout

      6.   sprout

      7.   about

      8.   be

      9.   see

      10.  Safari

So, why Wilson?

Dr. Edward Wilson

EAW Portrait

Dr. Wilson, artist, naturalist and explorer, who was born in Cheltenham, is remembered today as one of the members of Scott's Antarctic Expedition who lost their lives in 1912. 

There is a statue of him on Cheltenham Promenade and the museum is named after his family. 

Wilson 2017

Make sure you are...
  • Reading at home every night and get your book signed to win prizes!
  • Learning your spellings all week to be tested every Friday.
  • Working on your homework project linked to our topic.

PE is every Monday and Wednesday.