At Brockworth Primary Academy, we create a range of opportunities for children to learn to read and develop their skills of inference and deduction. From the start of Reception, we help the children grasp letter sounds, closely following the Letters and Sounds framework. This continues through to the end of Year 2 although, as children pick up reading at different rates, we create groups when suitable to enable teaching to be more relevant to the level of the children. Many children children quickly progress through the 'phases' whereas others need more support. 

In our teaching, we also incorporate actions and songs from Jolly Phonics, use interactive resources and books from Oxford Reading Tree, including Project X, and give children access to BugClub (an online book resource). 

Children read as often as possible during the day, individually and in groups and in all lessons. Each child will have a guided reading session with a teacher at least once a week where their reading skills will be developed through questioning and discussing the text. Children are also heard read individually on a regular basis using books in Book Bands (marked with a colour) and as they get older they can be quizzed on the books they read using a system called Accelerated Reader (AR). Children are able to access these quizzes in school using the iPads.