Mathematics at Brockworth

The National Curriculum for mathematics in primary schools in England was rewritten and released to be started in September 2014. As an academy, although we do not have to adhere to this curriculum, we have decided to adopt it fully as we believe that it will give our children the best chance at achieving successes in mathematics. The curriculum is split into different programmes of study - number and place value; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; fractions (including decimals and percentages); ratio and proportion; algebra; measurement; geometry - properties of shape; geometry - position and direction;

For a full version of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, click here

Number & Counting

Developing number sense is the building block for maths.
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As an academy, we understand that it is often very difficult to support your child in maths, particularly in calculation, as you may be unsure of the method that they are learning. We have, therefore, created some supporting materials which may be of use. 

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